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Extreme lagging by ScreenXpert 3

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I have a Pro Duo 15 UX582HS, Win 11.

Since ScreenXpert updated to the newest version and also when I reinstalled it from the Windows Store it causes extreme mouse lag. It makes the laptop unusable.

When it is uninstalled, the problem is mostly gone. However, a slight lagging seems to be a problem that I often encounter with this laptop.

What can I do? Thank you in advance - Daniel 


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I didn't have the same issue with my 14 duo but the app is buggy and needs to be optimized.

Also I noticed that both screenxpert and the ProArt hub crash when I plug or unplug it or just put it to sleep.

Come on Asus... you nailed the 2 screens but those apps are really needed to appreciate the tech fully. My worry is that I don't see new models with dual screens in 2023 from Asus so we may never see these apps working as they should. Hopefully devs will prove me wrong.

I suggest you to try to uninstall screenxpert, remove temp files, reboot and install again. ciao

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