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Does Zenbook UX430 support hi-res digital audio output via USB port to DAC USB-B input?

Star I
System: Zenbook
Battery or AC: Both
Model: UX430
Frequency of occurrence: never output digital audio via USB port
Reset OS: Win10 64 bit
Screenshot or video:
Realtek Driver Version:V6088581
I am trying to set up my Asus UX430 laptop as a music streaming with hi-res digital output via USB port to my DAC USB-B input. The Realtek audio driver does not have an option to select USB port output. Any help to set up my laptop for USB digital audio output would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
Tin Man

Community Legend II
Hi Tin Man,
Can I have the complete model name?
like UX430FN? UX430FA?
Thank you.