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Star II

I will not buy a computer or any other asus device again and I have bought a lot of them. I have several notebooks including two ROG STRIX, two top-end routers, several graphics cards and other devices. But I won't buy any more.
I will not recommend your devices to anyone and I will advise others against it. All this because of the lies your service in Poland wrote to the seller in connection with my complaint.
The hard drive in the computer has failed. I sent the computer in for repair. It's still under warranty. It has not been 2 years from the date of purchase. Your service wrote that the housing, keyboard and the damaged disk are non-original.
I couldn't imagine something like this could happen. Yes, the housing has dents on the corners, but it did not interfere with my work at all. The dents were made almost a year ago and it didn't bother anything. The keyboard is operational, which can be seen at any time when entering the password to the disk. As to whether the disk is original or not, I will not comment on it, it will be assessed by an expert because I am taking the case to court. I will keep you updated on everything on social media because you can't lie brazenly like that. If you sell bad equipment, don't give such a long warranty and it will be after the problem. However, if you give a two-year warranty and during this time the drive fails, you have to fulfill the contract.

Your former client.


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Community Manager
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