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For the Love of Computers. Please Send Motherboard Diagram.

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I had a mediocre experience with my first PC, buying what seemed like a fabulous ASUS computer. Less than 18 months later, that experience hit the fan as the computer was stuck in a boot loop and would randomly die. I sent the laptop to ASUS for diagnosis... for which they told me the $1,400 computer would need to be replaced for $1,800 due to a failed SSD Card. I have repaired computers and thought that seemed a little absurd. I had them return the computer and sent it to a licensed repair facility that was able to replace the SSD and solve the boot-loop issue for $150. The laptop continued to die randomly. After further investigation, I pinpointed that the computer would only die when plugged in. It's been 6 months since I sent in my laptop (that only worked for less than 18 months), and I have to say my experience with the product, tech support, customer support, and diagnosis team has convinced me that ASUS is NOT concerned with quality. All I need now is a motherboard diagram to test the motherboard to confirm the fail point. After more run around sand passing me back and forth to different departments, I am told that I cannot get the diagram for the motherboard. Is this why the motherboard issue was misdiagnosed?



Hi @abrulia ,


We're sorry to hear about the bad experience.
As we require your personal information, could you please PM me the following information? 
We will provide feedback to the relevant department to confirm this case. Thank you.
(1)Your product serial number
(2)RMA number

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Community Manager
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