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color calibration profile for the Asus Zenbook UX3402/Q409Z

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Calibrated color profile for the Asus Zenbook UX3402/Q409Z.

Is there a downloadable color colibration profile for the Asus Zenbook UX3402/Q409ZA (screen Samsung SDC4171) for Photoshop/CaptureOne photo editing.

Hwinfo shows the screen as Samsung Model: SDC4171. Monitor Name (Manuf): ATNA40YK07-1

The display P3 profile is very magenta. The Native profile looks more natural.
Which selectable gamut comes close to Adobe RGB. (Shouldn't it be Display P3, but it looks magenta, especially the sky).

I think I cannot use my old Datacolor SpyderX Pro for the calibration of OLED displays, it's not a colorimeter.

Thanks for your help


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Let me add that the images I want to work on are from a Fuji XT shot in Adobe RGB.


Unfortunately, we do not have the calibrated color profile to provide. 
May I ask if you encountered color issues after using displayP3?
Are you using the built-in color gamut switching in Myasus?
Thank you.

(Native default vivid colors) compared to (Display P3 - wider true) with the latest version of myAsus software. Display P3 is more magenta especially in blues.

Thats the name of the 2 icm drivers selected by the Asus software.

The Asus software has also sRGB and DCI P3 cinema selctable

Windows system shows the following additional icm color profiles.


But they are not selectable by the Asus software or System display.

Thanks for your help

As I said I have magenta tint especially in blues (blue skies) using displayP3
I am using the built-in color gamut switching in Myasus.

Native looks the best, DCI-P3 is greenish and Display P3 unfortunately has this magenta cast in blue in Capture One and DXO Photolab.
I assume the Display P3 color space it's not calibrated. That's why I am was looking for a factory icm calibration profile for Display P3.
Thanks for your help.