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Beloved Zenbook UX325EA doesn't start anymore

Rising Star I

This morning i've done some work on my Zenbook UX325EA - and put it on hibernate as usual.

Come back this evening, wanted to upgrade the BIOS, press Power and it's dead, zero, no led lights, no orange light on AC, nothing - tried the 40 seconds reset, just opened it and unplugged the battery - plugged AC, doesn't start. Plugged external screen, nothing, no fans nothing. So gutted.

Has been such a hard working laptop - i think 10 days ago i spilled a drop of water on the keyboard, could have been it? Isn't it military standard etc? Just a few drops anyway....

Is the motherboard and the laptop is fried yeah?

If yes, i am so gutted, just few months ago my Vivobook S15 dead with pretty much the same situation, though that was 5 years old, this Zenbook is just 2.5 years old and 1000+€ laptop 😞 obviously out of warranty now.

Did anybody else encounter the same? Can i try anything else?


indeed, i have already done all that, waiting the repair center to make a diagnosis today or tomorrow.

I do really hope they can accept it under warranty or perhaps just charge me a little, that's like half the laptop if it's the motherboard (as i think it is).


Rising Star I