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Missing a part in internet

I have a problem with asus UX360c. The touchpad (not touchscreen) doesn't work. So i opened it and i saw that the touch pad cable is broken so i thought that i can buy it easly but there is no of this one. I need 20cm long 4,5mm wide and it is 30v 80...

How to type bullet point on Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

I can't get my Zenbook Pro Duo to type bullet points.I've tried turning on the number keypad on the touchpad and then using Alt+ 0149: nothing happensI've tried opening the on-screen keyboard and typing Alt+7: nothing happensHow does one achieve a bu...

mjb by Star II
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Zenbook UX582H and Docking Station: Connectivity Issues?

Hey everyone,I recently purchased an Asus Zenbook UX582H laptop and a Lenovo docking station to enhance its connectivity options. However, I'm experiencing some issues and I'm hoping someone here might be able to offer some insights into this issue.H...

SSD Compatibility for UX5304VA-XS76T

I have a zenbook s13 OLED. I want to upgrade the SSD from the 1 TB default. I tried a 4 TB Corsair MP600 xt. It shows in the bios as a storage device, but it wont' list as a bootable device (and thus windows wont install). Any ideas on a fix or a lis...

Zenbook UX582H already registered

Registering this laptop purchased end of last year, giving "product already registered"We have proof of purchase and picture of the serial number.How do we proceed?

TinoH by Star I
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Over Heating Slow performance ?

Hi unlucky asus users like me I'm facing the problems As an ASUS user, I'm currently experiencing two issues with my devices. Firstly, my ASUS Zenbook is constantly overheating, leading to performance issues. I suspect that this may be due to network...


I just bought a laptop it worked earlier for a few hours and now when I open it it turns on but has a black screen. Its brand new.

product registration not working

I have a ROG Zephyrus that I had purchased about 2 years ago, and while on the asus website realized I had never registered the product, so I had wanted to do that, yet whenever I put my serial number and date of purchace the button to register my pr...


My laptop asus zenbook 14 always reset

My laptop Asus ZenBook 14 always reseI don't know why, even though I strived to update the version, It is not improved. 

MaxChau by Star I
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Asus Zenbook

will asus make a zanbook laptop with 120 refresh rate?PR Agency