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Audio problem with Zenbook Oled 14 using chrome

Star II

Well there seems to be a problem in general not only with the Zenbook, but also with the Vivobook[1]. As I have read about the HP

The problem is when sending the screen or a tab, the audio is muted on the laptop, but it is also not transmitted to the tv. If you activate the audio on the laptop it is activated on the TV so it is duplicated and annoying.

As a temporary solution, they propose to use headphones to mitigate the problem. But it's not a solution by a long shot. I have posted the same issue in the Spanish forum [3] to track it in both languages.

I hope Asus will release some update to fix the problem. This is the first time I've had problems with one of their products and I'm actually surprised.






I have the same problem on a Vivobook 15 pro oled (Ryzen 7, RTX 3050 one), and the problem is not so much with the television, it is with any Android product such as the Chromecast or an Android TV. In my case, through the option projecting from Windows 11, on the Smart TV it works almost perfect, although with more microcuts, but fine. I repaired mine and even used the warranty and it was in the Asus SAT and they told me that it had no problem, and they had videos and all the data... Shameful. It doesn't happen to me with any other brand or product... I am ashamed to say that I have this problem and no one is able to solve it.

Thank you very much @Falcon_ASUS 

Sorry for the mess with the accounts.

Model of the TV and firmware have nothing to do because it is happening not only with that TV, but as for reference:

Sony XRJ-55A80K OLED Bravia 55V

I'm not at home these days for checking the firmware but I think it is irrelevant. If the technical department is not finding any issue when casting to any TV a video as evidence of that would be appreciated. Since as you are aware, it is not an isolated case or with a certain model only.

I will check the PM and reply to you. 

Please send all the messages to the this account, because it is the one where I registered the laptop. 

I'm sorry for the inconveniences.

A test of proper functioning would be interesting, for my part they have 2 or 3 videos in which it is shown that it does not cast correctly, but there is no video that demonstrates that it works perfectly. Just a photocopy of a delivery note from the SAT that says the unit is fine...


Confirmed by the R&D unit, this is a known issue with Google Chrome, not caused by the laptop. 
It is recommended to provide feedback to Google through the following link:

Thank you.

Hello @Falcon_ASUS  In the Vivobook that I mentioned, it also happens in Mictosoft Edge. I do not intend to create discomfort, but it is my experience since January 23. The fact that the cause is still not known, or that Asus hasn't given me a solution or explanation, or simply did not recognize the problem even sent it to SAT, was shameful. I'm sorry because I know that you have made an effort.

@Gchan @kitecin It has stopped happening to me, since the last updates (December 23), but I don't know if it's from AMD drivers, Windows updates or the Microsoft store (could it be a problem with the Dolby drivers? Any other?) . I have suspicions but I have no proof or a well-founded cause. Honestly, no idea, but it works, finally!!! (in fact yesterday, december 13,I made a a new Windows 11 creation media and a new backup from MyAsus). @Gchan @Try updating everything, I hope you solve it too because it seems they don't know the specific cause yet.

Thanks to @Falcon_ASUS and Specially to @Gchan for the dedication, effort and work on the problem, which I wish @Gchan  (and everyone) stop suffering.