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Audio problem with Zenbook Oled 14 using chrome

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Well there seems to be a problem in general not only with the Zenbook, but also with the Vivobook[1]. As I have read about the HP

The problem is when sending the screen or a tab, the audio is muted on the laptop, but it is also not transmitted to the tv. If you activate the audio on the laptop it is activated on the TV so it is duplicated and annoying.

As a temporary solution, they propose to use headphones to mitigate the problem. But it's not a solution by a long shot. I have posted the same issue in the Spanish forum [3] to track it in both languages.

I hope Asus will release some update to fix the problem. This is the first time I've had problems with one of their products and I'm actually surprised.






Thank you @Belcebo for your update. 

In my case, in the Zenbook I only had a security and (KB5033375) updates.

Also I don't have AMD, it's intel.

Regarding the Dolby drivers, I checked and I had no updates.

I'm happy to hear that your issue was solved but at least for the Zenbook is still on going 😞

Sending the tab no issues, sending the whole screen, muted 😞


Sorry read that, but if it works for me, unexpectedly, completely unexpectedly I can assure you, an you know that... Let's hope you can soon have a real solution from Asus.

Having this problem, that they don't even recognize it, that they don't know what's happening and that it doesn't happen to anyone with another computers, is completely embarrassing... I'm tired of hearing that that wouldn't have happened to me if I bought a Mac... Shameful, I insist.

Ánimo! A ver si encuentran solución pronto y de paso una disculpa para los afectados.

So, any other device, using the same version of Chrome, is not facing the same issues and the official response is that is a Google issue? How convenient!

Thank  you at least for setting the things up that Asus will not do anything.


I'm really disappointed but I guess that it is what it is.

After investigation, it has been clarified by both AMD and Intel that the issue is attributed to Chrome. Therefore, we still recommend reporting this to Google. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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Sorry I posted it with another account, please consider the response from @kitecin as mine.