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Asus ZENbook um431d Battery drains

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System: Asus Zenbook um431d
Battery or AC: Baterry
Model: um431d
Frequency of occurrence: everyday
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
Hello guys i recently bought this laptop because of the specs it has, and already have a issue with the battery indeed. From the very beggining it is not lasting niemals 6hours and the thing that i find really dissapointing is that the battery drains despite being in sleep mode, it's kind of wired.
Has anyone have this issue?
Thanks in advance


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Thx for cool topic

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Hello Mendoza,
Please refer to below link to see the explanation or definition of Sleep mode.
When you device is in Sleep mode, it is not shut down.
In fact, A LOT OF things are still working in Sleep mode, so of course there will be battery drain.
So you may consider to check your battery setting, see if there is any program running in the background, screen brightness and so on.
Then let me know under what kind of setting or usage, how many % of battery drain during certain time period, when our technical support can better judge the issue.
Thank you.