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ASUS UX581G i9, 32 GB - issues

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System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: OEM ASUS 19V 11A
Model: UX581G, i9 32 GB ram
Frequency of occurrence: often
Reset OS: yes
Screenshot or video: on its way.
Detailed description:
I recently purchased a secondhand Duo pro UX581G i9 with 32 GB ram.
I have ran into a couple of problems- unsure if it’s related to drivers and Windows 11 but I’m hoping someone may have had these issues before and have been able to address them:
laptop is set to remain ‘on’ all day turning off the screen after 10min however, sometimes the screen doesn’t come back. I’ll be playing radio on it and I hear the radio fine but then a buffer noise when I click and move the mouse. The machine remains off until I completely hold the power button. I’m running the latest bios and drives from the ASUS website.
The webcam, when waiting for your face to login flickers just below it onto the screen below on the right hand side, is this something to worry about? Do others also have this?
the boot time even on a clean windows install seems to be slower than my old ancient ROG that was running unsupported Windows 11 but it’s performance was stunning, this machine.. I feel should be much better than the ROG but doesn’t seem to be the case… I’m worried the Zenbook may have a hardware fault- is there ASUS diagnostics I could run on this machine to make sure that is not the case? I’ve looked in the BIOS but have not found anything similar to what DELL has with their machines. If anyone knows what I could run to double check everything is okay that would be the first step for me I suppose.
thank you

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To diagnose your laptop you can use MyASUS - System Diagnosis
[Notebook] MyASUS - System Diagnosis | Official Support | ASUS GlobalI suppose you have all drivers installed, if not, installing them should be your first step.

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Hey @amsgaaht
When I initially got my UX581GV it was also doing the black screen thing. On top of that it would not recover from the black screen it would also start to over heat at the same time. On mine the screen would not shut down you would be able to see it stuck on a back filled screen while youtube or music was streaming from it. I had to send it to a service center they replaced the motherboard to my unit. After that it never got stuck on a black screen or over heated at least it hasn't done it since that repair mid 2020-ish. The diagnostic test the MyAsus app has did not turn up anything in errors or windows troubleshooting. The unit had the drivers installed and bios was also to its current one and it was giving me problems ended up being something at the board level.

Good luck.

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Thanks guys- looks like I’ll try purchase some warranty for it…

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Okay, solved the issue- unsure what it was I updated the drivers for intel and Nvidia. Problem is now, it seems to take a bit more time than I would expect from a gaming machine to adjust screen sizes or show something. For example, the texture of a window loads before the txt sometimes and moving from internal monitor to external monitor creates a lag. What could be the cause should it take this long for the refresh rate to adjust the screen windows?