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Ability to manually tune fans or processor?

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I have a Zenbook UX425J that I bought around a week ago, I'm sure it's running absolutely fine however I use this laptop in a very quiet environment where even in whisper mode (which turns the fan on more often but is slightly quieter) it can be a bit annoying. Balanced fan mode which is my other option (there are only those 2) has it on far less frequently but is quite a bit louder.
I downloaded SpeedFan a software that should detect the fans and create the ability for manual tuning but it didn't seem to work with my laptop as nothing was detected but I noticed the fan turns on at exactly 40 celsius which 1) isn't that hot, and 2) this is the 'main temp' not even the CPU temp, the CPU is at about 30 - 35 celsius which I find is not hot at all.
My question is if there is a known way to manually change fan tuning or maybe undervolting the CPU or anything like that, I've tried the UEFI but that is mostly locked and I'm unsure how to get into the BIOS but I believe it's main features are blocked as well. I am well aware this may void the warranty and such.

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If you are not sure how to get into BIOS, don't proceed with the configuration. You can fry your laptop. Asus allow fan control only for gamming laptops. Also, fine-tuning the CPU is disabled with the latest BIOS due to some vulnerabilities discovered by Intel. Basically, they didn't care about customers, they just locked the BIOS to cover their mistakes.

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So I can neither undervolt nor manually change the fan settings?
Would I be able to get an earlier BIOS by using a USB?

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Hello parakeet14,
I'm sorry that the Zenbook series were not designed with those function.
Not even in previous BIOS version.
Your feedback has been reported.
Thank you.

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I also wat to add: I am too not to happy with the fan noise on this model (i5-1035G1) - it did got a bit better with the 304 update in comparisson to the original. But my older UX461U (i5-8250U) is much quiter!