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VivoBook s15 Key cap removed and keeps popping off

Battery or AC:
Model: Vivobook s15
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I Removed the Key cap for cleaning and now i cant make it stay. can somebody help me

Community Legend II
Hello terencemarcocayanan,
Please take a picture of the back of key cap
or bring it to the shop.
Thank you.


Community Legend II
Hello terencemarcocayanan,
Thank you for the picture,
but however, I can't see clearly if the hook is broken or not.
May you try to examine a bit? or take a higher resolution picture?
You can try to cling the cap back from the top first, not press it in the middle on to the board .
(I'm sorry I am lack of words to express it)

Where can i find the hook? The ones in the upper part or lower part?