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Vivobook S15 from 2018 stopped working all of a sudden!

Rising Star I


Earlier today my sturdy Vivobook S15 completely stopped working. Usually on 24/7 and has been a real workhorse so he can deserve some issue a bit... 5 years.

Anyway, was dong some Windows10 updates, had to restart, then went to black screen.... left it there for a while.... a long while, tried hard reset with button and nothing happens, no ASUS logo (in search of incredible), no boot screen, nothing nada.

What i tried:

1. Static discharge: opened it, unplugged battery from motherboard, power button for 40-60 seconds, put it back, plugged AC, nothing
2. Removed RAM, put it back, nothing
3. Removed SSD, tried to turn it on (should still boot right?).... nothing
4. Tested with battery disconnected and only AC, nothing

There is no light on the screen, power light goes on, CPU fan spins, there's power from the USB ports so that's quite bizarre indeed. I installed a battery from GreenCell and it was getting to 30% wear so that one was also old but it should still work!

Could it be the tiny but annoying CMOS battery that needs replacing? I've read that if that one is gone, it can prevent booting and other weird issues.

It went like this all of a sudden, no previous signs of failing, or losing the time, etc.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



Rising Star I

After the hardware check, it was the motherboard, i put it to RIP. too bad, 5 years.