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Vivobook K6602VV

Star I

I'v erecently purchased a Vivobook K6602VV laptop and would like to upgrade the RAM and SSD M2. But there is no instruction as to how to do it. Can anyone point me to the right direction? Many thanks.



You need to remove the screw *9pcs and use plastic blade to pry the bottom case. 
After that, the SSD and memory can be removed for replacement.
Thank you.

I don't seem to be able to locate the memory and SSD on the motherboard.IMG_5368.jpeg

Their positions are here. Please remove the screws above to proceed with the replacement.

Thank you. My understanding is that I need to unscrew the battery first in order to take the RAM and SSD hood out. Is that correct?
And am I right in saying that the two SSD slots that you have marked are bother free?
What is the maximum memory RAM I can install?

Is gen 4 M2 SSD Supported? And what speed?

And what memory bandwidth is best for this laptop?

Many thanks,