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Vivobook S14 K3402Z problem with Kingston KC3000 2048 GB NVMe SSD.

Star I

Just bough a Kingston KC3000 2048 Gigabyte SSD for my Vivobook K3402Z. 

The Bios shows the SSD, but the cloud recovery service fails every time when attempting to restore Windows 11. It looks like nothing is written to the drive. It takes hours, the percentage GUI is shown, but nothing is written to the drive.

When attempting to restore from a Windows 11 USB install media downloaded from Microsoft, the drive is not found at all. Even when I include Intels drivers as suggested by ASUS here:

I upgraded from a Kingston FURY renegade PCIE 4.0 1 TB drive that works with my laptop. 

The newly bought 2 TB drive works well with a ASUS TUF gaming A1 SSD enclosure. No issues.

Could this be a hardware/BIOS issue?



Unfortunately, the maximum SSD support we have tested for the model you are using is 1TB.
If you upgrade to a larger SSD, we cannot guarantee its stability and compatibility with you.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.