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VivoBook Flip 14 - Battery installed, but not found

Star I

I have an ASUS TM420U-WS51T (VivoBook Flip 14)

The machine appears to boot normally and then after about 30 seconds turns off.  During boot, the battery indicator icon alternates between a charging indicator and then an empty battery with an X in it.  Once booted the Battery indicator does not show in the system tray nor is it available in Settings => Preferences.

Things I know or have tried

  • In device Manager, the ACPI driver is not shown, but can be seen when hidden\non-present devices are enabled. It can be deleted and returns after next boot, but hidden.
  • MyASUS in WinPE indicates the battery is not present. MyASUS in Windows does not offer a battery test.
  • After opening the case and disconnecting the battery cable, the machine works normally.
  • The BIOS is 2.04 but can not be updated without a battery present and a minimum charge value of 20%, though not likely relevant.
  • I have run SFC /scannow and DISM Resotre health. After the former, the machine booted correctly, however after a Windows update it reverted to the prior behavior. I had one other situation where the hardware seemed to behave, but after disconnecting and reconnecting the power it did not.
  • I have tried a hard reset with the power button (hold for 40+ seconds) with no improvement.
  • The PC does NOT crash in the Windows RE environment, but does crash with a Win PE USB attached (Win10XPE).

The battery was running the device for about 6hrs IIRC. It then sat for some time (2-3 mos) and has been problematic since.

The boot behavior and indicators are NOT consistent, in my mind with a failed battery. This typically presents an icon that does not charge and the PC runs normally with power connected.

I am willing to replace the battery, but would like to first validate the battery as the issue.

Does anyone know where\how to purchase this part (ASUS B31N1911).


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Community Manager
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