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Seeing "Some functions cannot be used, please restart the application or the computer" in MyASUS

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I am having issues in MyASUS app. Because of this I am not able to use any hot keys such as pressing f2 and f3 for volume changes and so on. Not able to activate any features in MyASUS such as eye care, Battery charging mode, True to life etc. I tried restarting my PC and repair, reset and reinstalling the app and it didn't work. Searched in online for help, found something which says to update the driver "ASUS system control interference V2". Tried updating it but it was already updated. No pending windows updates😔
Device name and model: ASUS VivoBook S15 S531FL
OS: Windows 10 home
I am having this issue from 8 Sep 2020. It was all okay when I used my laptop and normally shut it down. But after couple of hours when I turned it on I am having this issue.


hey there. i had the same issue. actually i had another issue before and then after fixing it, i run into this issue...

im always on the latest drivers and apps. but one day suddenly the hardware status inside armoury crate stopped working. i read that uninstalling the armoury crate and its related services by using the uninstaller which comes shipped within the driver download zip from asus (not through windows software uninstaller) and then reinstalling them will eventually fix it. and it really did. hardware status was back.

but then the issue described in this thread came up. i was on the latest version of everything, but still the Asus Optimization Service just does not want to start automatically. so i created my own fix:

right click on desktop and choose new -> txt

then paste this into it:

net stop "ASUSOptimization"

net start "ASUSOptimization"

now click save as and name it FIXasus.bat and choose as filetyp below "other" (not .txt) and save it to desktop.

now put it somewhere like "My Files"

now create a shortcut to it and place it at "C:\Users\**Username**\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

right click the shortcut and on the "Shortcut" tab click advanced

tick "Run as Administrator" there

save and reboot

now every time windows 10 boots up, it will close the service and restart it.

this way it will be loaded every time, even if asus delivers a fix in the meantime you can still leave it there, cause all it does is restarting the service manually.

hope this will help someone 🙂


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Thank you so much! This did it for me.