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Problem related to bluetooth and Nvidia graphics card

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Last week (on October 19th 2023) I bought a brand new ASUS X16 with Intel i5 12450H and Nvidia RTX 2050 , 16gb ram , 512gb SSD laptop. I'm having a small issue with it. The problem is that when I turn on or turn off the Bluetooth on my laptop the screen goes black for a second and comes back to normal. This happens all the time when I turn on or off the Bluetooth. If someone knows the solution for this problem then please let me know. Also, when I update Nvidia graphics card driver to Nvidia studio driver (using that built-in Nvidia app on laptop) the update reverts back to some windows based update when I click on update drivers in windows device manager. Apart from these minor problems this laptop is awesome.



May I ask which specific model of laptop you are using?
How to find Model Name

Have you updated the BIOS version, system version(operating system build number), and Bluetooth drivers to the latest ones?
If you have, please provide the version information mentioned above, as well as a video of the issue for me to confirm.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.