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NVME ssd not detected

Star I

Recently I bought a Teamgroup MP33 NVME SSD to be installed on my A412DA laptop. 

But the ssd is not detected in the BIOS nor windows 11 that i lnstalled on the laptop. 

I have dome several step:

1. update the bios firmwate to the latest version exist on the asus support web (ver 316) 

2. Update the chipset using the latest amd chipset provided on asus web. 

But still show no result. 

When i tried to install another nvme, name it nvme 2 on the laptop, the ssd in detected and boot normally. 

I also tried to install the nvme i bought in the laptop where nvme 2 was installed, it was detected normally. 

So it make me desperate what when wrong.. 


Anyone have any idea?? 



This may be caused by compatibility, the following is the list we have tested. 
It is recommended that you can use the following SSDs.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

but the strange thing is that when i tried using my friend's ssd, it cca boot normally in my laptop.

my friends ssd i've tried was: 

1. Maxell NVME SSD PCIe Gen3 x4

2. Adata nvme XPG SX6000

so that means, eventhough the nvme installed is in the same gen,is not a guarantee to be compatibe with the device??

is there any posibility to upgrade the compatibility so the bios can detect and boot it??


Unfortunately, we cannot ensure compatibility issues with all devices.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.