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K6604JI - Getting Full Access to Bios

Star I

For at least 30 years I have used Asus mainboards exclusively - several hundred at least.

In each case, you have full access to the BIOS including memory timing settings etc. Yet, on my K6604JI laptop Asus has hidden all the settings. 

Why on earth would you have FULL access to every BIOS setting in Asus mainboards yet hide them all in Asus laptops, which of course, contain an Asus mainboard. 

I'm guessing, as usual, the Asus employee that frequents this group will be of no use. Can you please provide the address for the Asus HQ? Specifically the CEO of the company? Mailing address is fine.  I would like to send a letter to him about this discrepancy so that I can finally get control of my own BIOS. 

Oh, and thanks for not bothering to answer my question about which part numbers are required to change the color of my laptop to silver. 



The positioning of laptop products is somewhat different from that of motherboard products. Laptops require stability, so the settings options on laptop motherboards are indeed not as extensive as those on desktop motherboard products. We apologize for any inconvenience.