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I think the repair facility stole my brand new laptop.... or threw it away.

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Battery or AC:
Model: Vivobook M712DA
Frequency of occurrence: Hopefully this doesn't happen alot
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
I have always bought HP products but decided to go with ASUS this time because the computer has a nice design and the hardware specs are a lot more than I need since I mainly use it for work and my old laptop is now too slow to operate the software I use. I needed something reliable and that would last at least a few years before I have to upgrade so this laptop seemed perfect. I purchased my Vivobook 17 on June 16, 2020. When I first received it I was very pleased and the performance was great but not even three months later the computer decided not to turn on while I am out of town working. I knew it wasn't the battery because it was fully charged that morning and when I went to use it an hour later it would not do anything, no lights, no display, nothing. I brought it to the nearest repair shop and they tested the battery, inspected all the connectors, and even tried a different ac adapter but it did nothing, the computer was dead. The repair shop said it is most likely the motherboard and to contact ASUS for a warranty repair, which is what I did, but in the meantime I had to purchase another laptop so I could keep my job and complete my work. I really didn't have the money for a new laptop since I had recently bought this one and I really have no use for another one but I had to do something or else I couldn't work. I had to call customer service because trying to do an RMA online seemed impossible because when I put in my serial number I would get a message saying that an RMA has already been created. After the support rep created the RMA I couldn't even print the shipping label because that kept giving me errors. I brought the laptop to a shipping center and had it mailed via Fedex to the RMA repair facility in Texas. The package was received by the repair facility and signed for on 9/14/2020 but when I check the repair status it tells me the repair facility is waiting on my product to arrive. I have checked every day but no change in the status. I called ASUS on 9/18 and the gave the support rep the tracking number and he confirmed that he sees that it was delivered and said it can take 48 hours for them to scan it in to where the status would show something different but at this point it has been 96 hours and it looks as if they don't even have it. He said he is going to escalate the issue and that I should receive a call within 48 hours from the repair facility. This was on a Friday so I waited until Monday but no phone call and no update on the status of the repair......   I don't know what to do and I feel like I just got screwed out of a brand new computer. This laptop wasn't even three months old when it stopped working. I had to buy another because it stopped working while i'm out of town for work. I get no help from ASUS support and the repair facility does not answer the phone. There is no communication whatsoever and this is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a computer and customer service. This is no way a customer should be treated, and especially a new customer. I am new to buying ASUS products and this experience has been so frustrating I wish I wouldn't have bought it. At this point I just want it back and i'll pay for it to be repaired. Can someone with ASUS please help me get my laptop back to me. I don't even care about the warranty anymore. I sent it in to get fixed and now it feels like it was stolen. I have the fedex tracking number and it shows who signed for it but the repair status still says waiting on product to arrive. This is so messed up

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Hello jkane3891,
Please provide your SN, RMA number , the shipping label and the Fedex tracking number in the PM I send you.
Thank you.