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How do i reset my Asus notebook PC

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My asus laptop has a virus, i tried getting rid of it, with an antivirus, but the antivirus only quarantined the virus and it has done massive damage to my PC, i also tried resetting my pc from the settings but nothing, i have backed up all my important file. I need help pls, how can i get my system working perfectly as before without messing up the drivers and other important system files. I just want to reset my pc. Thank you in anticipation 



You can attempt to restore the entire laptop to its factory settings through system restore. 
However, before doing so, please make sure to back up essential data to an external storage device.
Subsequently, use other computer devices to scan the backed-up data for viruses to ensure that the data you've backed up is virus-free. 
After the system restore, you can then copy these virus-free data back to your laptop.
[Windows 11/10] How to reset the PC

Thank you.