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Heating issue

Star I
I got a vivobook series laptop like 4 months ago (vivobook s14 m433ia) an ryzen 7 variant
The temperature spikes to 70 to 80 degrees celsius under idle task despite of updating bios , repasting with the thermal paste and cleaning the fan.
Yet the laptop's temp keep increasing.
The temp reached 60-70 celsius while updating to windows 11
Whereas 50-60 while charging
Is this any kinda problem or comsidered as normal?
Pls reply

Star I
nope. that's not normal. since it is just 4 months, bring your laptop for warranty service. they will do fan cleaning for free, and replace your fan for free as well if it's broken.
I once get my WIFI adapter and keyboard replaced week before my warranty ends, and there's no charge.

Star III
Remove Dust From The Laptop For Efficient Airflow.
Check For Wear And Tear.
Use The Original Or Certified Laptop Charger.
Prevent Unnecessary Apps And Processes From Starting Automatically.
Use A Laptop Cooling Pad.
Keep The Room Cooler.
Update BIOS Settings

Hope this helps

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