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Extraneous sound in sleep mode

Rising Star I

On Thursday I reinstalled Windows. And after reinstalling, I noticed that after switching to sleep, there is an extraneous sound in the form of a cod (as if something is shortening).

This extraneous sound is clearly audible in a quiet room!

Even after a long stay in sleep mode, the sound does not disappear anywhere ...

Before reinstalling Windows, I disabled the VMD in the BIOS.

After reinstalling and finding extraneous sound, I tried to reinstall the Intel Management Engine Interface (from asus website)
- It did not help.

Before reinstalling Windows, I did not observe extraneous sounds in sleep mode.

In working order, no extraneous sounds!

Notebook model N7400PC.

Drivers / Bios installed from the site asus.


I demonstrated this problem in the service center, but I received the answer that I wrote in the previous post ...