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File manager crashed

I was using asus file manager app in my vivo phone since long time . Recently when I updated my phone since then file manager app is not working . It is showing zero images and videos , hidden cabinet file are varnished .

Desktop replacement 17 inches

HiI am looking for a desktop replacement 17 inches (with Full HD or 4k webcam), sold in Italy, with a 10th generation Intel processor, 16GB RAM, graphics card with at least 4GB of dedicated memory, 512-1024GB SSD disk, multi-format card reader, biome...

RAM upgrade for vivobookk 15 X 512 FA

System: windows 10Battery or AC: bothModel: X 512 FAFrequency of occurrence: nilReset OS: nilScreenshot or video: nil========================Detailed descrii ption:i have 4 gb ram in this laptop,i can add additional 8 GB RAM...which RAM should i look...

BLUE SCREEN :Memory management error

Model: M409D ========================Detailed description:Hello after the upgrade of an additonal ssd (make it as the one who run the os instead the hdd) and ram of my device a blue screen always prompt and saying memory management error occurs .I p...

Built-in Camera Not Working

The built-in camera doesnt work with Camera app or any other apps on the laptop. Tried deleting the driver, restarting the machine, changing the permissions, etc. Still shows a gray screen with a cross across the camera icon.

100% disk usage

System: WIndows 10 2004Battery or AC: Battery and ACModel: X412DADetailed description:So i just update windows 10 2004 and now all app just lagging and sometimes not responding. also the usange of ssd is 100% almost everytime even when idle time

image.png image.png

Upgrading RAM

Model: M409DIs it possible to upgrade the 4gb onboard RAM with an another slot?

Ram Upgrade for VivoBook 15 X507UF

System: Windows 10 64bitBattery or AC: BatteryModel: X507UFFrequency of occurrence: Reset OS: noScreenshot or video: no========================Detailed description:I want to upgrade my onboard 4gb ram so I want to know how many slots available and w...