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Microphone still not working on the ZS600KL

Star I
Rooted: No
APP Name:
Frequency of Occurrence: on every microphone usage
Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_ZS600KL_160420.1911.6_0

Any news on the known microphone issue on the ZS600KL since the latest updates? Ive got this problem since a few months now, not beeing able to make phonecalls without speaker mode, nobody is able to hear me when i use it normaly at my ear. None microphone is covert while talking, voice recorder and every other record app arent working. Only bluetooth headsets or speakermode are working. 😞

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I'm having the same problem , sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn't work 

Star III
Same problem here, but mostly on the phone calls, if I record either on video or voice recording app mic works fine, but if I am in a phonecall people can't hear me unless I use the speaker then they can listen to me a little better not perfectly fine. This also happened to me in the last update from December I guess.

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Hi larrens87,

Do you mean the recorder app also has this problem?

Does this problem appear when calling with WhatsApp/Messenger, or the Phone app?

Thank you.
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Some help!

Star II
Same problem to me also.
It is a software error probably and I hope the Asus engineers will fix it shortly !

Rising Star I
I can confirm this on phone calls that its sometimes not working. But i think when its getting fixed we already buy a new phone. They are extremely slow on updates because they don't care about us anymore. Its still a shame great phone great specs but extremely poor software support. Waited long for Android 9.0 when 10 already has been rolling out. So i've they will fixed it give it another month the phone is almost already out there life cycle.