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Dont buy Asus phone or hardware

Rising Star I

If you are wondering whether to buy Asus phone, let me just say
I advise against buying Asus equipment, because when something breaks down, the manufacturer does not care about the costs to which the user is exposed
Within 2 years of purchase, the phone broke for the second time.
Here is a description of the faults in a phone that cost over PLN 3,300 PLN:
1. The most important and preventing the use of the phone for calling and texting is the fault of the sim card slot. At some point, the phone started returning the message "invalid sim card" and then stopped seeing it completely.
2. The phone's microphone does not work during hands-free calls.
3. The battery in the phone runs out at an alarming rate, during normal use without running games, the phone needs to be charged every few hours.
4. The phone was already at your service, because it had a factory defect with the motherboard and the message "RAMDUMP", the phone after repair was returned in a worse condition than it was sent back. The glass back of the phone has not been folded as before. In places of contact along the long sides with the main body, dust gets in and you can see brighter places where previously the elements were precisely matched. Also, looking at the camera lenses, you can see that they have been touched and the elements around the lenses themselves are "wrinkled". I did not expect such a poor quality repair. In addition, despite the fact that I carry the phone all the time in a case, in some places on the body of the phone the paint began to wear off - should this happen in such expensive equipment?

In general, I am very disappointed with the phone and service, and the non-working sim card slot overflow the cup of bitterness. I bought the Zenfone 8 as a "premium phone" as ASUS describes it, but I don't feel that's really the case, nor do I feel like I'm being treated as a premium customer. Within 2 years of purchase, I am forced to send the phone back for a second time for repair. The lack of a phone is a big inconvenience for me because it is my work tool. The phone cost a trifle PLN 3,300 and at that time it was one of the most expensive available on the market and the fault occurring in the equipment once again (although this time different) is important and prevents normal use of the phone, the product, despite such a high price, does not provide adequate quality. Zenfone 8 is a defective product.
When I asked for a refund for a "premium" phone that isn't premium, Asus says it can only refund after the 3rd warranty repair. Despite exchanging long correspondence with the employees of the company, all I heard was that they would repair the phone once again.... In conclusion, you buy an expensive phone that breaks down several times, you lose a lot of money due to data loss and the need to buy a replacement phone, but according to ASUS everything is ok. The manufacturer's approach to the customer is absurd. This ends my adventure with this brand of equipment. I bought once and never again.


Star I

Companies outsource repair work to "authorised" 3rd party repair shops.

One store handles repairs for everything, cellphones, monitors, AIOs, laptops... That too from tons of brands like Asus, Acer, Benq, Google, Harman, MSI, ViewSonic, etc. 

The technicians working on the repairs follow guides and have surface level knowledge beyond that. There are hundreds of threads by asus customers on the internet about having to go back to the repair centre because of shoddy repairs.

This "premium" phone was such a joke that I am determined to only buy products from companies that have first party repair shops in my region as I can have some hope of getting someone competant to repair my device and not someone who thinks wifi cards break because you use them too much

Asus must make a lot of money from mobile esports or something because its suprising that they havent ended the rog phone project after multiple generations of faulty hardware