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ROG Phone 7 low sound speaker

Star I

the first time I used it everything felt fine, but after 4 days of using the speaker volume I had a problem, the cellphone has never been dropped or entered by water, which I previously set volume to quarter bar already got a thick and quite loud sound, now with a quarter bar volume it feels quiet and feels like a low end speaker, I have tried to do a factory reset but nothing has changed.


On build number WW_33.0820.0810.208




Hey @skeitch38,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward the issue to the R&D, however, before I do that I'd recommend you perform an SMMI test to check if the speaker is working:


  • Open the calculator app, type " .12345+= ", then SMMI Test Interface will pop up.
  • Select "single test" and then "Speaker test"

Already done but the lower speaker is a little bit low volume

Star I

Not sure if I should start a new thread but for now I'll jump on this one to say I have the same issue. After I bought it the sound at the middle of the volume slider was loud. At max it was like I owned some dedicated speaker, now for some reason the sound is incredibly low for both speakers. I have to turn it all the way up to max so it sounds as loud as half the volume a month ago.