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ROG 3 phone, microphone not working for a phone call or any app

Star I

The microphone does not work or cannot be heard by the recipient when making phone calls (WA, IG, FB, regular phone calls). but if I do voice recording or testing the microphone itself, the microphone is still functioning properly.
I have tried to restart the phone, update the latest system from ASUS, update applications such as WA, IG, FB. but the result remains the same.
please help from all colleagues. thank you



It seems like your phone's microphone works fine for voice recording and tests but doesn't function properly during calls on apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as regular phone calls. Start by checking app permissions in your phone settings to ensure these apps have microphone access. Try clearing app caches, restarting your phone in safe mode to check for third-party app interference, and resetting app preferences if needed. Ensure all apps and your phone's system software are up to date. If the issue persists, consider contacting ASUS support or the app developers for further assistance, and as a last resort, a factory reset might help resolve any persistent software issues. 

Star I

Same Problem here, I'm little by little frustrated with my Phone 8 Pro. This was built for gaming, but i encountered a lot of issues during my gaming. FPS Drop and Mic issues.