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broadmic test 2 and 3 fail

Star II

just got a brand new Asus ROG phone 6. I was talking on a video call with my girlfriend and she was saying that sometimes my voice is gone. I checked on the internet and microphone not working issue came up. I saw someone asked to use calculator and check the broadmic test,so I did. broadmic test 1 was perfect without issues. 2nd had here and there problems. and 3rd one practically had no recording of the sound.

I have also generated log for the through .19595+= and uploaded to the drive,since it was asked on a different thread, please help, to whom I should give the log . thanks in advance 



You can send the log to me, just send me a PM.
But when it comes to a failure in the SMMI test then it's most likely a hardware failure, please make sure to contact your reseller or your closest ASUS Service Center.

Hi Mattias , I have sent you a DM and a log. if you could check it please, I really need your help right now.

So leid wie mir es tut aber werf den müll weg asus schert sich in keinster weise um die rog phones mein rog phone 6 ging nach dem android 13 update kapputt und asus hat es auf garantie in ihrem polen repariershop reparieren lassen kam nachher kaputter an als vorher die rückseite ist nicht richtig wieder aufgesetzt worden kamera und fingerabdruck gehen weiterhin nicht es wird nicht offen auf augenhöhe kommuniziert und vieles wird einfach verschwiegen und ignoriert wirst du dann sehen wenn mein post hier entweder ins leere geht oder gelöscht wird kauf samsung dann haste die idioten nicht mehr an der backe 

I actually returned that phone after diagnostics they said it had a defect.

I ordered ROG phone 7 from official store from Amazon, I hope it'll not have anything wrong with it lol.