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Bug reporter does not finish the report

Star III
APP Name: Bug reporter
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence: quite often
Firmware/APP Version: Pie
Model: ZS600KL

Last edited by hzsolt87 on 2019/12/25 10:19 Hi! I have few problem with this new pie. 1. Bug reporter runs 12 hours ago and shows no changes. It has been repeatedly since update. 2. Autostart manager It is not functioning properly. The games start running continuously in the background after getting a notification. 3. It takes more than 20 minutes to restart the phone until it is fully up and running. (Only if it was off. There is no problem with a simple restart) 4. When using pro dock or mobile desktop dock the keyboard hotkeys working when key mapper is active for example if I push ctrl + space button my keyboard language are changing continuously and this combination is used quite often. Same problem triggers different hotkey functions like print screen etc... It's terrifying when you're in a fast action combat situation and taking pictures instead of jumping. That's NOT all but these are terribly disturbing problems.

Star III
Last edited by hzsolt87 on 2020/1/2 19:09 Check out this few picture. It's like I have a unwanted built in action camera... There are 2 different problems, one is the hotkey screenshot, the other is the mouse still activating the back, home and switch buttons while the keymapper is active! Before on Oreo if I pinned out the screen that was some kind of temporary solution but now the mouse pin out the screen by itself (I emphasize the keymapper is active!) and few sec later I can take a picture or exit to the home screen or switching app. For that bug you said it was no longer found in android 9! This bug is totally destroying the competitive team play... Since android 9 I rarely playing in squad because around 70% of fast close combat situation finishing with a screenshot and I got killed...

Zen Master I
Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2020/1/3 17:23
hzsolt87 posted on 2019/12/24 07:52 Hi Jei 1. Please make sure to remove the log tool we have given you previously.
Hi hzsolt87, 1. Please check your PM. 2. Do you mean you didn't allow auto-start, but you can receive notifications, and the apps end up to keep running in the background? Please make sure these apps are cleared in the recent app list. Does it still show notifications when they are not in the recent app list? 3. Please check your PM. 4. We've tested that it can turn horizontally normally on other apps (e.g. YouTube.) on Pro Dock. It may be that the ZenTalk app does not support horizontal mode. For the problem of keyboard hotkeys activated while keymapping is on, is the game it happens on Call of Duty: Mobile? Please tell us how you set up the connection between the Pro Dock/ROG Phone/keyboard/mouse/monitor and Mobile Desktop Dock/..../. You mentioned that the keyboard hotkey is activated. Please tell us how the keyboard hotkey "Ctrl+Space activates switch language" was set up. Does it end up switching languages on the phone while in the game? Please show us a screenshot of your keymapping settings in the game. Please tell us what your printscreen keyboard hotkey combination is and how it is set up on the keyboard. Was this printscreen combination also set as a keymapping combination? By the message " Please swipe again to trigger", do you mean the navigation bar is activated (Swipe navigation) by moving the mouse while keymapping is turned on? Does this happen every time? If possible, please show us a short video of the problem and the keyboard actions. To share videos, please upload it to ASUS WebStorage ( and share the link with us. Thanks for your help 🙂