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Batter usage report bug?

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The battery usage of Instagram shows 59.5% was used in 50 minutes plus 8 minutes of background time. But on the top,the bar charts shows that I don't even use over fifty percent in that hour. I knew that I haven't use that much battery in that hour, so the battery counter for the apps Is wrong. Is this a calculation bug for the apps battery usage or I am misunderstanding something?


Accepted Solutions

53.3% of the total battery is not being used by instagram, it's the amount of battery used in that specific amount of time between 12:00 and 14:00.

To explain it let's say you use 10% of the battery in those 2 hours, you would have used 53.3% of 10% of the battery on Instagram, not 53.3% of the 100% of the total battery.

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Hello @TigerTail 
It shows that Instagram has user 59.5% of the battery that has been used, not of the total battery time.

Sorry for my bad English. But it is still different the real battery usage since it is impossible to use 59.5% in one hour by using Instagram. I am sure that I didn't use that large amount of battery in that hour.


It is showing the battery usage from Monday 12:00 to 14:00, in that time span, Instagram used 59.6% of the battery used in those 2 hours.
It does seem correct.

But I didn't use that much in fact.


 Here is today's battery usage.I have 55% on my phone now but 53.3% is used in Instagram.I don't even charge my phone fully today.My total battery percentage won't be 55+53.3=108.3% right?