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3 things I don't like about Android 9 so far

Rising Star I
Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 9
Frequency of Occurrence: .
Rooted: No
APP Name: System

1) What's the deal with the blur effect on the lock screen? The picture was normally visible on Android 8, but now it has some blur effect on Android 9, how can I disable it? 2) I was able to make the icons way smaller on Android 8, now the smallest size on Android 9 is about the medium size on Android 8. 3) When I recieve a call, I was able to put the call in the background (without taking any action on the call ) on Android 8, now with Android 9 I'm forced to answer , cancel or wait until the call screen ends. Any solution?

Rising Star I
Last edited by Koudmaker on 2019/12/4 07:12 1. use the classic theme that is stock Android like pixel style i've you like it. 2. I found that to and it looks awful 3. i don't no what navigation button are you using. Did pressing the home button or when you get a call its full screen? (I'm using the Pill style navigation keys.

Zen Master I
Hi Scorpion666, 1) We have checked with the relevant team about whether this is a new design. 2) Do you mean the app icon size? Did you adjust the display size to get a smaller icon size? 3) You can enable heads-up notifications when you receive a call. Phone app > three dots on top right > Settings > Call screen > Use heads-up notifications. Please check if this is the feature you are looking for. Thank you 🙂

Star I
@JeiAsus.  The clear all option in recent tabs is not working . Have to manually close all

Star I
there is no wifi network selection in the slide menu just on and off