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ROG Phone 2 - My awesome buy of 2020

Star I
Sharing my thoughts here...
Upon the initial upgrade to Android 10, battery was slightly erratic, and Batt% dips intermittently but at times, it'll last longer.
However, after a couple of days of self-calibration/adjustment, I'm consistently hitting hitting 10-11+ hours of SOT. In fact, i think it can last even longer...
Point is, be patient and I know there'll be mishap felt and one will think of downgrading to Android 9 (guilty of it), but, don't, let it recalibrate itself. And it after a few days have passed if the result does not satisfy, it's your call.
Awesome phone!!!
PS: It's a Tencent Edition, I did a manual hard reset after upgrading to Android 10. Cheer!

I'm really keen on getting this phone, but reading this subreddit has raised a few questions. Can anyone help me out?
Has anyone found a reputable UK seller that offers the WW version? I've seen a few people say Wonda Mobile but I don't see confirmation on their site that it's not the CN version.
Has battery life really become a problem since Android 10 rolled out? It's obviously a really key feature for me, and I don't want to not be able to run the latest firmware because it kills the battery.
Has anyone moved from a Pixel to the ROG 2? If so, what things are better, and what things do you miss about the Pixel?


Zen Master I
3. They have very slow software updates, and often the UI is laggy. Missing features like limited theming option. No Google dialer and call screening. But most of it is okay.

Zen Master I
You'll enjoy the full screen display and the air triggers 😎. You can install GCam externally which improves low light image quality.