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rog phone 2 crashed and dosent work

so my phone is a rog phone 2 the tencent games one the Chinese one the serial number i think is K9AIKN0765487GB

what happened is that today i was going through youtube when my phone started screaming at me and froze then i tried to turn it off it didn't go off then it automatically turned off and then the bootloop started there were like glitchy stuff in the logos that would randomly appear at different areas and then after 10mins of bootloops it just turned off and i cant turn it on or charge it and i have no idea what to do please help i have a lot of important   information on that phone 



I apologize for the inconvenience you're facing.
Based on your description, it is recommended that you get in touch with the service center at your location to arrange for the repair of your phone.
The following is the contact information: 
Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information: 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.