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ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem

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Help... ..,my phone suddenly freezes from time to time especially while playing. (less than 2 hours of playing)
Back, home and recent buttons doesn't work and then auto restarts after 1 min of hung time.
Settings are mostly default (60 hz refresh rate, X-mode off, system lighting off) but still builds up heat fast even after only 1 game of asphalt.
Thinking of going to Factory Reset the phone or try to actually ask the ROG concept store to replace the unit of the problem still exist.
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I'm having the same problem with Zenfone 5 ZE620KL, Android 9. After some minutes playing (not heavy games) the game closes, the launcher freezes and the system auto restart.

My phone usually shuts off after 12 hours and it's very irritating. It shuts off even if i plug it in for charge using the original charger which i got in the box. Did anyone find a solution to fix this problem?

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80% to 73% just because of auto restart and asus doesn't care about anything

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Hi my ROG2 phone screen froze; the switch off button is unresponsive and I am unable to do anything to reset the phone. Is there anyone who can help me on this issue?


@koi & @mayankbajpai90 I need your help to troubleshoot this issue. I've sent you both a private message (envelope in top right corner) containing a log tool and instructions on how to proceed. Thank you!

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Could you please send this to me too? My phone crashes even while charging