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Reason why some of us do not have VoLTE on ROG Phone ll

Rising Star II
I always thought that as long as a device is able to support 4G/VoLTE it will work with any Carrier/Service provider. Wrong!
So I reached out to my Carrier/Service provider and they confirmed that the ROG Phone ll isn't on their list of supported devices and I will not be able to enjoy the benefits of VoLte even if my mobile plan includes that service and the ROG phone is able to support it.
I had the wrong impression that Asus was the one not enabling the VoLTE option in our devices until I did some research. So apparently Asus has to reach out to the carrier and the carrier also has to agree to support the device. Having VoLTE in your mobile plan and a phone that supports VoLTE does not complete the puzzle.
So here are my few guesses.
Asus did reach out to many carriers but they probably did not get the green light and it may be due to the fact that the ROG Phone may not be that popular compared to the mainstream brands and it was designed to be for a niche market ?
Or maybe the Carriers are still in the process of getting the ROG Phone ll supported ?
I honestly have no idea at all. So let's just hope the Carriers we have stuck with for so long are going to make some changes to that. For myself I am probably going try my luck at getting the staff at Singtel (Carrier/Service provider) to try and see if they can try to activate it for me some how.
Link below is just for reference, maybe you guys might want to try giving your Carrier a call and see if they can do anything at all.
If you have any thoughts of your own, feel free to share it below!
Cheers! ?
Singtel 4G+

Rising Star II

I just brought a ROG phone 2. 11/4/19 i have t-mobile. i hope later on Volte will be available for all of USA people that went out and spend good money on a great phone.

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Yea Bud, I still have hope that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. No point bashing up the mods or cursing and swearing at them because it is not going to do anything but just make us more miserable plus they are just doing their jobs. I still won't give up trying to help find a solution to this.

Rising Star I
while both the carrier and the manufacturer are both responsible for enabling volte and wifi calling, it is little consolation for someone like me who was led to believe that a phone labeled "North America' would work reliably in the US when in fact the zenfone 6 does not on t-mobile. i won't be leaving t-mobile but i will not be buying asus anymore. so who really loses out?

Zen Master I
In India they had to support it because a major carrier operates only on 4G 😌

Zen Master II

In India they had to support it because a major carrier operates only on 4G 😌

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Besides India and China are biggest markets by far. In my country which is in population the size of one neighborhood of Bombay I don't know if there are even 10 phones present. Maybe some other enthusiast like me who really wanted it.