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Issues after A10 update - firmware or android related?

Star II
Last month i updated to A10 but i was having really bad battery life and reverted back. Once i saw a second update coming i decided to give it a try. My battery life is slightly reduced compared to the latest A9, but i can live with that. what bothers me more are few other annoying bugs. scrolling in chrome and other apps is not smooth at all, nothing compared to A9. apart from this i noticed that smart unlock is very unstable - i've set my phone to be unlocked as soon as it's connected to my smartwatch. it worked properly under A9, but now my phone decides to randomly lock itself and gives me a message Deviced locked manually. i've never had that when i was on A9.
i did some googling and it turns out that the scrolling and the smart lock issues are not present only on the Rog phone, but they appear also on other phones with A10.
so question to Asus - can you confirm the lack of scrolling smoothness and the odd behavior of smart lock are due to bugs in A10 in general? is there something that can be done to improve those in the upcoming updates or we have to live with that/revert to A9?

Hall of Fame III
It's a A10 thing. Hopefully Google will fix it eventually