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Fix worst gyroscope i have ever seen on android

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I used to play pubg on samsung flagships and even nokia. But rog phone 2 is the worst gyroscope i have ever experienced. It is totally very very inaccurate and slow. If any people can write an app that adjust the gyroscope to make it precise as Iphone, upload it on the appstore and i can pay 20$ for it. This is the last time I use android to play games.

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I used to see asus released the new update monthly. But 2 or 3 months i received no update. Cannot understand what they are doing. I was so regret buying this phone instead of iphone 11. I even bought the aeroactivecooler 2. F!

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Even i too have same problem . The gyro is inaccurate and yea at starting of the game gyro gets reversed and it is also slower than my op6t .
Let's see LP_ASUS has told me that he would give me an answer within this week .
I hope this gyro optimization problem gets solved cuz it's taking huge impact on gyro pubG players.

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Yes. Furthermore, in this update, the fps drop dramatically although i attached the fan and TURNED ON ultimate performance.

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dunno, I own an iphone with A12 and it drops fps faster and more often than my rog phone. The grass is greener on the other side. That being said, the gyro isn't that good lol

Hello kindly fix rog 3 gyroscope. Irs very slow as compare to rog 2. Even if comapred rog 2 waa better to rog 3 . Or tell us a process how can we increase gyro speed