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Feature request in next Fota for Rog 2

Rising Star II
Hello, team Asus as requested earlier kindly add these features in the next fota of Rog 2
Refresh rate toggle in game genie
Slow charging capability like in Rog 3
Three swipe screenshot
A10 gesture support for 3rd party launchers
Hide gestures pill feature from CN rom
Heads up call notification universally, no full screen calls
3rd party icon pack support option in Asus launcher
New charging theme from Rog 3
New always on display themes from Rog 3
Hyperfusion network technology like in Rog 3
Ability to change FOD animation ( video ) and icon ( image )
Updated armoury crate

Star III
14. Please add Airtel wi-fi calling enabled

Community Legend II
Thank you for the in depth feedback.
I have forwarded the same.
Note - Not all feature make it to the update. Some may be software or hardware restricted.

Star II
Up up up up up up up up!!! Please Asus, bring these features!! Also can bring the double tap gesture on back of the phone

Star III
@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS please recommend the asus dev team to provide atleast icon pack support or keep updating the launcher. Also there should have been a system wide black theme in classic mode instead of going for dark luminous core theme. Asus is just trying to squeeze out more money from its customers by making them buy themes from their pathetic theme store, very cheap gesture for a giant tech company. Please ask the dev team to consider our humble request.

Star II
Please add option for floating window in game genie and also do some OS improvements ,as it is a premium phone and we expect great things from them , performance improvement, heating issue related updates are required too please look into it