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Latest update...

Why say you support other launcher and still its fucked upp when I use twinview... Where is all 4he updates for the accessories?!?!?!?

Cenimm by Rising Star I
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Cannot manual update any zip files

Hi I been loving the rog phone 2 but ever since I got it back from repair at the service centre for a screen replacement it's never gotten an OTA update and zip files are detected but always fail. I have been updating the phone via raw files supplied...

Stuck at 59fps & 119fps after new updates

So, i just got a weird bug after i update my Rog phone 2 into the latest version.. everytime i play a game, the fps will stuck at 59 and 119 fps but completely find when i turn the refresh rate into 90fps.. i don't why but it's actually happen really...

screenshot-20200719-152211852.jpg screenshot-20200719-152250835.jpg screenshot-20200719-152346606.jpg screenshot-20200719-152532880.jpg
Ogghy by Rising Star II
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Audio recording volume is very low after FOTA of 17/07/2020

Hi,After the latest FOTA update, the sound volume of my audio record (in games) is very low (30% of the previous level).It happens when I use the built-in recorder (microphone activated).There was no problem beforehand.Can you have a look at this bug...

Black out issue

My. Phone turn into black screen when temp above 39 degrees.. How can I fix it.. Please response!!!

ROG Phone 2 Auto Restart 2 times and freezes

I have been using this phone for past 5 months and everything was perfect but the recent 2 updates screwed the phone and now whenever i start any game, it just randomly restarts itself 2 times. Also it freezes while using any app, the screen just tur...

Status of Rog phone 2 before launch of Rog phone 3

Hi Guys,Rogphone 3 is about to launch. I just wanted to know how many of you are satisfied with Rogphone 2.I know there are some people who are facing different issues like1. Sudden restart and power off2. Screen goes black3. Heating issue4. FOTA upd...

SoumyaRS by Rising Star II
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Ambient display battery consumption

I've noticed Ambient Display consuming battery although Always On Display is turned off on my phone. Anyone has an idea what it could be?

Cetorca by Star II
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Problem with asus service center in india

Hi,I gave my phone to service center coz my charging port was burnt within 7monthsThen they took 15 days to repair it but i understand in covid something takes timeButI'm frustrated with your service center they don't pick up call , they don't reply ...