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Air trigger problem

When I'm using air trigger, i found out that even when i press the screen or back side near the air trigger, it gets triggered. DowsDoes anyone face the same problem ( sensitivity is set to around 1 to 3. Please help me because if I'm only having thi...

mr_strange by Rising Star II
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ROG 2 - Is there any safety regarding water splash

So considering the big vent on the backside of Rog 2 , will the device survive if the water gets inside through the vent ? Is there any safe mechanism Asus did to prevent such ?

RAIDEN_ by Rising Star II
  • 13 replies
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Cannot Login Google Account

Hello please help, why my device (ww series) cannot login google account with mobile data? but if used a wifi it can. Google apps like gmail & maps, cannot work or synchronize data using mobile data. The place where I live internet signal is very go...



When can we expect these important updates on Rog 2 - 1. Red tint fix ( which arises on brightness less than 40% ).2. Some classic always on display themes.3. light management is bugged ( need to be fixed to change notification led colours per app )4...

RAIDEN_ by Rising Star II
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Twin apps

When are we going to get twin app support for Paytm, Amazon, Phone Pe, and other banking apps as we all have more than one bank account . The current supported apps are just for namesake.. I miss Xiaomi phones badly for this feature as they provide ...

Sourabh by Rising Star I
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Air trigger on screen visual

Hi dev, please give us a feature to turn on and turn off the visual (red & blue) when we use the air trigger feature, its kind of annoying when we want to record our gameplay, thanks

ashaldi by Star III
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Accessories not available.

Basic accessories like temperd glass, cover are still not available in Indian market.And other gaming accessories like aero cooler are still not available.

Battery not charging while gaming.

Is this an issue? While i play games on my rog phone 2 the battery does not charge at all the % don't increase even after 1-2 hour of gaming it remains same Is this an issue is this happening with everyone or just me?

Vjy by Star I
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