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Resolved! Touchscreen Response issues.

So I just bought this phone at the beginning of this month and I am noticing a severely frustrating flaw: There are times when the touchscreen just will NOT respond, I will have to click an icon 6 or 7 times for it to register. The example I can give...

Air trigger problem

When I'm using air trigger, i found out that even when i press the screen or back side near the air trigger, it gets triggered. DowsDoes anyone face the same problem ( sensitivity is set to around 1 to 3. Please help me because if I'm only having thi...

mr_strange by Rising Star II
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Cannot Login Google Account

Hello please help, why my device (ww series) cannot login google account with mobile data? but if used a wifi it can. Google apps like gmail & maps, cannot work or synchronize data using mobile data. The place where I live internet signal is very go...



When can we expect these important updates on Rog 2 - 1. Red tint fix ( which arises on brightness less than 40% ).2. Some classic always on display themes.3. light management is bugged ( need to be fixed to change notification led colours per app )4...

RAIDEN_ by Rising Star II
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Twin apps

When are we going to get twin app support for Paytm, Amazon, Phone Pe, and other banking apps as we all have more than one bank account . The current supported apps are just for namesake.. I miss Xiaomi phones badly for this feature as they provide ...

Sourabh by Rising Star I
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Air trigger on screen visual

Hi dev, please give us a feature to turn on and turn off the visual (red & blue) when we use the air trigger feature, its kind of annoying when we want to record our gameplay, thanks

ashaldi by Star III
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