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suggestions for child or guest use mode.

hopefully next update will have some sort of a child friendly mode or an account beside the main account such as guest mode/account where main account/user can edit and installs preferred apps for their children's with just a switch from main account...

Resolved! importance of aircooler/ temperature limit

1. is it necessary to attach the aircooler if we play for long hours especially in hot country like philippines?2. what will happen if the cooler is not attach if playing for long hours and while charging?3. please tell us the borderline of temperatu...

moly by Star I
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GPS problem

Can you please fix GPS problem in the next update it does'nt work in google maps, waze, tomtom etc. hard to detect location. TIA and keep it up and also update in the camera.

ywitch by Star III
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Hi team,I noticed some time now that whenever i was playing in COD MOBILE with my team there is a time that the game freezing/lagging minimal to non-responsive movements. I tried to set to default all the settings in-game and in the armoury crate, cl...

Refresh rate option is greyed out

Team,Sometimes Refresh rate option is getting greyout and system set back to 60Hz. Unable to change it. This is happening after recent update. Every time I have to reboot the device to fix this. Could you help me on this. Regards


Air trigger hide press mark

How to hide air trigger press marks (red and blue) while we record games. Is there any option to hide that or it wont hide?

The top speaker stopped working.

Even since I upgraded to the most recent software for the global rom (pushed out a couple days ago), my top speaker has stopped working. If there is a fix, please share.


There seems to be some problem with camera white shooting videos i observed complete blurred videos where the person or face is blurred and during taking photos also i observed same problem... I expect major update just for better camera performance....

[Request Feature] Add data cap for mobile hotspot

Currently in mobile hotspot settings only have duration option. On my old huawei honor 7, it had a cool mobile hotspot option that allowed the device to auto switch off hotspot when the input data limit reached for example 1024MB. This feature is goo...

yzlisme by Star II
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