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Game Genie Streaming

Star II
Has anyone tried streaming to twitch with Game Genie? I can only get it to stream for about 5 seconds and then it basically stops. I've tested a variety of games. PUBG, Chess, Go, and RetroArch. None of them work for more than 5 seconds. I've even tried lowering the settings and nothing helps. It doesn't appear to be a power issue at all.

It streams using Streamlabs flawlessly so the IRL stuff is works great.

Hall of Fame III
It works for me. You could try and long press you armoury crate icon -> press app info -> storage & memory -> clear storage

Star II
It happens on mine as well. I only manage to stream for more than 1 hour for the very first time. The following streaming only lasted for 5 mins then it cut off with a message saying that it runs out of memory.
If clear storage is workable, do I need to do this every time when I go live? Is there a way to skip this step?

Star I
also, does clear storage wipe your keymapping data as well?

Star I
nvm it didn't work on mine, the stream lasted for 5 seconds then stopped