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Problem with Android Auto and the ROG 2, help!

Hey what's up!So I'm having a hard time using my phone while connected to my car running Android Auto. What happens is that when I lock the phone and unlock it to check a new message or do something on it, the screen gets completely unresponsive to a...

Cant connect my rog phone 2 to my range rover evoque bluetooth

Hi i am having trouble connecting my rog 2 to my range rover evoque bluetooth, it comes up on list but when i click on it to select the car, its says put pin in but it never give me option to enter pin and then i get connection error message.can anyb...

ijaz368 by Star II
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Rog phone 2 notifications delayed or none existent.

Hi all I've had my Rog phone 2 for about a month now and I've noticed a few problems with it.1. Notifications - little or none existent, the notifications come through very slow or not at all. I read that you have to go into battery settings and auto...

EmpireSA by Star II
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Visual photo is poorly shown in File manager

I have noticed that the visual of my photos are very poor inside the file manager compared to google photo, here's a clear side to side This is task manager This is google photoBoth are the same photo, took at 48mpx.

Master by Star III
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Feedback on TwinView Dock

Hi, I have got myself a TwinView Dock for my Asus ROG Phone 2, and after some time of use, I am fairly happy with it as a companion device for my games on PC and as something I can distribute notifications or apps off my PC to the phone.Here are my f...

ASUS ROG Kunai input delay

Hi! I've recently purchased the ROG Kunai. Has anyone here encountered a problem in handheld mode, wherein the right controller will not properly fire the button input (sometimes not registering). This only happens when I'm pressing the button and us...

Zenpai by Star I
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Severe Ghost Touch issue when charging

Title says it all. Using supplied charger I bought with the phone.Not Tencent version. It is so severe that I cannot use the phone while it is charging.

ROG GamePad seems to finally be out (US Store)

If anyone was still looking for it. I ordered mine.ROG GAMEPAD CONTROLLER (ZS660KLCL) FOR THE ROG PHONE II - ASUS Official Store | Free Shipping and Financing Available

Volodesi by Rising Star II
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Resolved! [Help!] I lose internet during phone calls. Why?

Hi! I wanted to share with you guys one problem I'm having with my ROG 2 that I also used to have with my old phone (OnePlus 5T).The problem I'm having is that whenever I'm having a regular phone call, instantaneously I loose internet connection (4G)...

gonzaaa_92 by Rising Star II
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