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Reason why some of us do not have VoLTE on ROG Phone ll

I always thought that as long as a device is able to support 4G/VoLTE it will work with any Carrier/Service provider. Wrong!So I reached out to my Carrier/Service provider and they confirmed that the ROG Phone ll isn't on their list of supported devi...

jetjosh92 by Rising Star II
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OTP Notification

Whenever i get the otp notification its goes white i didn't see anything so i have to open the app and see the otp

Is this NORMAL????

I observed high screen on time recently after recent update. 6000mah doesnot feel like it. one month old device. High screen on time..


Charging port temperature abnormalities

As the title suggest I got the notification saying that my USB port temperature is too high, that I should unplug the charger and take phone to Asus service center. The thing is it happened while I was playing Asphalt 9, with no charger plugged in. I...

OPC by Zen Master II
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zenear pro (rog2) ?

I was wondering what it was, it show in the DTS settings.

Master by Star III
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Battery draining so fast after recent update

Hey allAnyone notice battery acting wierd?? After the lastbupdate vattery is draining real quick with massive screen on time percentage. barely lasting a full day....Asus should do something about it.

AccuBattery says my one month old phone has 90% battery health?

I installed AccuBattery just when I got my phone and it's saying the battery health is 90%. Is this normal? I usually try to keep the battery charge under 75-80% and not let it get to 100% unless i really need it. I know this isn't always accurate bu...

Mvarun by Rising Star I
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Resolved! Rog Phone 2, Some games are not in full screen

Hi, as I mentioned in the header some games are not run in full screen. It's like the game fills the screen left to right but some area on the right side of the screen keeps blank.That game below was in the Armoury Create list that it's support 120hz...

cokadam by Star II
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