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Phone won't sleep automatically

Hello , I just bought a Rog 2 phone last week. It run very smoothly . But I have one thing that really bother me which is the screen SOMETIME turn on and wont sleep automatically. This is just my gaming phone so I not really paying attention alot to ...

Rog 2 system update failed

I installed android 10 beta 5 long time back after that I didn't get any update even if I download and install beta 6,7 rename the file and move it to the root directory and re-start my phone the update fails. please help


Fan speed

Why is there an option for fan speed in the Armor crate and notification bar but we can't use it/control it?

App installation is not safe

Hi guys!Does anyone know why Mobile Manager says that "App installation is not safe" and I should manage it, but in reality, when I open the Manage tab, all the apps, including the system ones, have the option "Not allowed"?It's a ROG Phone 2 I am ta...

Screen of ROG 2

Anyone have issue regarding Asus ROG Phone 2 screen?Like I have few lines appear then I off screen for few seconds,it's gone AND the pixel of the screen is huge and obvious. Is it because it is in 1080p in huge screen?

jyun88 by Rising Star II
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Does it even work? it seems it is not working it still flickers and get some flickering shots.

IRONHIDE by Rising Star II
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Compass issue in Asus ROG 2

Hey guys , i have been a consistent issue in my ROG2 , the compass calibration is off most of the time even after calibrating it multiple times . Any help is appreciated . I get similar message in google maps .@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS


Summer is coming do something about heating

I dont care android 10 as much as I care about heating. Any game with or without heating is causing the phone to reach 42degress. I know all phones heat but still it should be able to handle it.

Bugs While playing pung on ROG phone 2

There are some serious bugs in the rog phone 2 that can be seen in rog phone 2 for one the scope on gyroscope shakes constantly while charging and there's a minor but effective shake in gyroscope even when not charging the second one is the player do...