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Security issue

Star II
i suffer from security issue
while in lock screen and try to scroll down the above bar that contains Wifi and data and so on icons it work normally while screen is locked
i use secure lock screen by fingerprint and password this issue not found in Huawei and samsung
the problem in this issue if any body take the phone he could easy turn it off and or using Airplane mode so i couldn't find the phone
Asus didn't add such security, which they should.

Star II
To turn off the data it asks me for a password/pin code/fingerprint. But Wi-Fi is possible to turn off without password. Anyway, I'f anybody will have a physical access to your phone they can turn it off without any problems..

Hall of Fame III
This is an old discussion that I've had many times. A pixel phone will work in the exact same way. It's a battle between convenience and security. I can promise you that if someone wants to steal your phone, they will and locking the possibility to turn off wifi won't stop them.
You can rest assured that Google has had a long meeting about this with their security experts